eSports is considered the biggest sports movement of our time. Those who can now come up with suitable products and services have the opportunity to play at the very top in an industry that is booming like no other. With the eSportsBASE, BWS.INVEST has once again demonstrated the right instinct and is launching a fully developed "All in One eSports Management System".

Digital sports like League of Legends or Fortnite have long since found their way out of living rooms and into the world's largest event halls. Scientists are studying the effects on spatial orientation, memory formation, strategic thinking, and fine motor skills. In Germany and, more recently, Austria, students can earn a bachelor's degree in eSports management, and the "ESportZ" project is now bringing the subject to German schools on a grand scale. Here, students and teachers attend digital lessons and prepare together for a Germany-wide eSports tournament. The project is also primarily intended to promote digitization in schools and show that there is much more to eSports than just "gambling.

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