Haidingergasse 1, 1030 Vienna, AUSTRIA I +43 677 63415342 I hello@frydo.com

FRYDO - covered with crispy fried dough, filled with deliciously tasty contents, sauce and topping on top, is the novel food experince from Austria....

Behind the team of FRYDO are the two creative minds, new thinkers and upside-down thinkers Marlies and Martin. Marlies, creative and polarizingis highly responsible in the fight against colorless boring delivery food. Martin is a chef and visionarythe chief of taste explosion so to speak. Numerous stations in star gastronomy and food tech startups not only make his resume fat, but also make every fry run hot with joy. Together, Marlies and Martin form the A-Team in the fight against colorless, boring food, Bonny & Clyde in the raid against blandness, Jack and Rose, when it comes to breaking the ice, ... you can see where this is going.

With the FRYDO Experience, color is brought into your life with something quite ordinary - food. A juicy dose of fun, completely unexpected whoops of joy, taste explosions that knock your socks off and surprises that lie in wait for you around every corner enchant everyday life.