The GründerQuartier

on 160 m² in the heart of Salzburg
for 15 active founder teams


For us, the GründerQuartier means ...

... get together

Currently, 13 companies with 22 outstanding founders, 6 proactive co-investors and 8 experienced advisory experts from numerous verticals belong to the BWS family: A colorful bunch of different people at different stages of their entrepreneurial existence. Each with their own focus, stories, experiences and special know-how. We think it is time to create a real place where all that has been built up over the years can now manifest itself and something new can emerge.

... interact

A place for intensive work. A place of encounter, where you can meet at eye level, talk to each other or even be silent together once in a while. Where you can benefit from interdisciplinary knowledge or simply be there and pick up a bit of strength. Where the young whippersnappers ask the old hands for advice - and vice versa. Where we make plans together, shift perspectives, find solutions, make decisions, ... In short: Where all our forces work together - that is our vision.

... grow together

A table, a chair, fast Internet and good coffee: the basic equipment for writing great history. A framework for initial roots and growth. Space to settle down, to meet and exchange. Inspiration and tranquility. Dynamism and development. Supported by the spirit of the GründerQuartier.

We look forward to filling this special place with life together with you!


Thomas Stranig, Vero Neubacher, Walter Antosch

Founder BWS Invest GmbH, Salzburg, AUSTRIA