Behind The Scene

It is the passion for the unthinkable new: to be able to realize the incredible and make the impossible possible. For us, it is essential to be able to think about fantastic things without boundaries together with entrepreneurs and to be able to accompany, challenge and support them on their way to success with our knowledge and our enthusiasm. This is what drives us day after day and spurs us on to top performance.

BWS Invest GmbH has been continuously developed since 2008 as part of BWS Branding and was established as a SpinOff in April 2018 as an independent GmbH founded. The team consists of three entrepreneurial personalities with different focuses.

Thomas Stranig CEO

Thomas is a passionate entrepreneur, CEO of BWS Invest GmbH, strategist, visionary and doer. Since 1994, his focus has been on value-oriented entrepreneurship and innovative business strategies. He is a proactive companion, developer and sparring partner, providing tactical and strategic support to founding teams at every stage of the project process.

Dr. Walter Antosch CFO

Walter is a chartered accountant, tax consultant, mentor and unshakable rock in the surf. As a former top athlete, he also knows what sprints on the one hand and endurance on the other mean for success. According to his credo "Recognize and seize opportunities", Walter has been accompanying companies in all start-up and growth phases for more than 30 years.

Vero Neubacher CAO

Vero is an entrepreneur, brand profiler, free spirit and perfectionist. Her area of expertise is scientific content analysis according to semantic aspects, and she is considered a coriphae when it comes to concretizing and sharpening a brand. Vero is an understated mix of subtle idealist, creative mind and realistic strategist who quickly breaks down complex relationships and gets to the heart of things.